I wasn’t sure that I’m going to do this from the beginning. But later I found myself  moving slowly towards this step.

Never thought I’m going to write about myself, but later I decided to leave something to my family and friends to remember. Honestly, something for me to remember !



Once upon a time I was living in Aleppo (Halap) , feeling grateful to be born in this prestigious very old & historical city.

Always meeting new people from all over the world coming to visit as tourists , but as my special own guests.

I never thought that I was telling them the story of my city . I was telling them the truth of my live wrapped with history , as if I was the oldest one in the city who remembered all its stories.

I still remember every single one visited me even though I forgot some names . But they were all special .

Never thought that my visitors will stop coming & never thought that I wills stop telling them my stories.

Like a grandpa , waiting my grandsons & daughters to gather around me during their visit every now and then to listen to my amazing stories , I will be.

I know that they will come once again before I put my head for the last time on my pillow and rest.